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What’s this all about, anyway?

April 25, 2015

Hey there, stranger. Welcome to Peak and Pixel.

You are probably wondering who the hell I am and why you would want to read my blog. I can’t answer the second question but I can try to answer the first.

I’m Jen. I live in Colorado where I split my time doing freelance writing and photography with wrangling a very active 2-year old, two lazy dogs, and three chickens that don’t have an obvious adjective of their own. As my little writing business has slowly picked up steam, I’ve found myself longing for an outlet that wasn’t confined by the bounds of traditional media. I wanted a home for the stories that couldn’t be sold to editors and the tales that I wanted to tell in my own words and my own way. And thus, Peak and Pixel was born.

This blog will combine some of my favorite things: photography, writing, outdoor sports, and travel (with some food and drinks thrown in – a girl’s gotta eat!). Basically all the things that make up my version of the good life. From hiking to mountain biking to running with donkeys, the natural world is my playground and I’m going to bring it right to you on your computer screen or iPhone or wherever you are reading this. This isn’t necessarily a blog about me, or at least I don’t want it to be. It’s a blog about getting outside, trying something new and different, and taking great photos along the way. If it doesn’t inspire you, I hope that it at least entertains you. Hell, if you stick around long enough you might even learn something!

Peak and Pixel is my place to share the photos behind the stories and the stories behind the photos. It’s also a place to pass on the things that I have learned with the hopes that maybe they can help others. I can’t promise that you will love everything that I write but I can promise that a whole lot of care will go into it. This isn’t a blog about quantity. It’s a blog about content.

So if tearing up singletrack on a mountain bike, cruising around on a paddleboard, or taking killer shots of the stars are up your alley, stick around. If you want to keep track of my comings and goings, you can check me out on Instagram or follow my (brand spankin’ new and still under development) Peak and Pixel page on Facebook. I am currently preparing for a big backpacking trip on Hawaii’s infamous Kalalau Trail so that will probably take up a lot of bandwidth for a while. Stay tuned!

Thoughts on the blog? Questions about what I’m doing? Suggestions on the best bourbon to take backpacking (no really, I need to know this!)? Leave me a comment or drop me a line!


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  • Reply Batsheva April 26, 2015 at 10:25 am

    Looking forward to following your adventures in writing.

    • Reply jendz April 26, 2015 at 7:21 pm

      Thanks, Batsheva!

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