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Snapshots: Hanalei Bay Sunrise

September 2, 2015

Happy Wenesday, y’all! I’ve been laid-up for the better part of the last four days due to … a stubbed toe. Yes, a stubbed toe. It’s been a bit of a bummer. In the absence of my ability to do much of anything, I’m reminiscing about adventures past. Today I’m taking you to Hanalei. Enjoy!

There is a long list of people who probably shouldn’t go on vacation with me and near the top of that list is People Who Enjoy Their Sleep.

I know a lot of travelers see vacation as a time to sleep in, order breakfast in bed, linger over coffee. Not me. I get up early at home and earlier when I’m away. Trips are never long enough – I like to make the most of them.

My husband knows this about me and has stopped putting up much of a fight. Still, I was mildly surprised when he didn’t roll his eyes for a single second when I told him I wanted to watch the sunrise in Hanalei on our first day in Kauai. A 4 a.m. alarm had us leaving our hotel in Kapa’a in the dark and sitting with our asses planted firmly in the Hanalei sand when the sun started coming up.

That comfortable seated position? It didn’t last long.

A storm blew in, which is to be expected in this eternally damp corner of the world. We ran for the picnic shelter and hid from the rain. He drove to town to pick up coffee and breakfast while I waited out the storm. The dawn patrol crowd was trickling in, surfboards under their arms, the picture of a perfect Hawiian morning. One of the surfers looked at me as he passed, paying no mind to the dumping rain. “You know what this means, don’t you? A rainbow is coming.” He was right.

Hanalei is one of those places that is almost hard to believe exists. The crescent-shaped bay. The lush green hillsides. The rainbows that appear with such regularity that the locals can predict them with confidence.

We spent the rest of the day tired and happy. Getting out of bed in the middle of the night is never easy – but it’s always worth it.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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