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Sayonara, summer!

September 3, 2015

I hit a breaking point yesterday.

It was hot (again) and I was sweaty (again) and I couldn’t find my shorts (again) and I was just … over it. Over the heat. Over the baking sun. Over the layers upon layers of sunscreen. I was craving fall with every fiber of my being.

Summers in Colorado are downright glorious and I spend the better part of January through May lusting after them. I dream of the days when I can ride singletrack in the high country and snuggle down in my sleeping bag at night. I long for sun dresses and flip flops and endless evenings spent drinking wine on the deck. I watch as my Chaco tan develops and celebrate when it hits its peak because I know it is the sign of a summer well spent.

But to be honest? I’m over it.

Furry dog, furry husband. Somewhere off Hoosier Pass.

As the days start to grow noticeably shorter and rogue leaves are already starting to turn yellow, I’ve got fall on the brain. And winter too. I’m thinking about snow and cyclocross and whiskey and hearty meals cooked to perfection in the dutch oven. I’m thinking about boots and scarves and agonizing over which ski pass to buy (I think I’ve made a decision …). I’m wondering if this will be the year that I get comfortable on my snowboard and whether or not I will finally try nordic skiing. I’m planning hut trips and spring getaways and making lists of places I want to try to capture snowy winter scenes.

One of the Benedict huts outside of Aspen, CO.

Maddie snowshoeing off Hoosier Pass.

I’ve got cold weather on the brain in a really big way. And I know I will be eating these words come January but for now I’m going to say it: Hey winter? I’m ready. Bring it!

I can’t be the only one feeling this way! Who else is crazy enough to be looking forward to cooler temps?

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