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The Man in Black

April 4, 2016

“They say new life makes losing life easier to understand … “

I know this is starting to seem like a dog blog and I promise I’ll talk about something else someday … but for now I have some exciting news!

After we lost Maddie we knew we wanted to get another dog sooner than later. With the exception of finding places for them to stay when we travel, having two dogs is no harder for us than having one. And it’s a lot of fun. I’d have ten dogs if I could but unfortunately there’s only room in the car for two!

We started talking about getting a dog almost immediately after we lost Maddie and started visiting shelters just a couple days later. I know that may seem unthinkable to some people but for us it felt totally right. No dog will ever replace Maddie – but we definitely had room in our lives and our hearts for another pup.

So we started looking and, to be honest, we didn’t have much luck. I love ALL dogs but we had some pretty specific things we wanted in our next dog. We wanted something a little smaller (not because we don’t love big dogs but because there is literally no more room in the backseat of our car!) and around a year old. We wanted a dog that was sweet and friendly and super healthy. It needed to be good with kids and other dogs and have the type of personality and energy levels that would make it a good hiking, running, and riding partner. Some day I won’t be nearly this picky when it comes to choosing new family members but for now, this is what our life requires.

I went to all the local shelters (some of them multiple times) and stopped at a couple rescue events and while I saw tons and tons of sweet dogs I didn’t see anyone that came close to what we were looking for. It was ok – we were wiling to wait – but I quickly realized that this was going to be harder than just walking into a shelter and finding the perfect pup. We weren’t looking for either of our other two when we found them – it just kind of happened – so this was all new to us.

To make things even tougher, the shelters here, especially our local one, have extremely high adoption rates. This is obviously a VERY good problem to have but it also makes it hard to adopt. I would see a dog online, go to the shelter, and find out it was already on hold or adopted.

So on Saturday night my husband, being the nerdy nerd he is, wrote a program (you can read about it here) that would track the shelter’s website and send updates to our phone whenever a dog was added. I thought this was ridiculous but I humored him anyway – whatever keeps him happy, right?

Yesterday morning Josh and the kiddo were out riding bikes on the sidewalk and I was working on an expansion to the chicken coop in the backyard. My phone beeped at me and I saw a notification that a one year old Australian Kelpie mix had been listed at the shelter. Josh saw it at the same time. I went to chase him down and as soon as I saw him he said “Go. NOW!”.

Twenty minutes after the listing went up I was begging the woman at the desk to meet him. By the time our thirty minute meet and greet (which the rest of the family joined us for once everyone was dressed and at the shelter!) was over, there were already two other families waiting in line to meet him. If we had been ten minutes later it would have been too late. We put a hold on him, went home to get our Spotty dog so THEY could meet, and the rest is history.

Cash was his name at the shelter and we are going to keep it because it fits him so well. He is a year old, forty-five pounds, and full of energy. He’s also sweet and super cuddly. We spent the evening playing in the backyard and then he curled up on the couch and snored away while we watched TV. Last night he slept in our bed, snuggled up against me with his head on the pillow. I am in love.

This guy is going to keep us on our toes for sure and we have some bad habits (like jumping on people) that we need to break but he seems like an amazing fit for our family. He is SO happy and friendly. He’s getting along really well with Spotty and is AMAZING with our three-year old. This morning he got a much needed bath, ran errands with me, and then tagged along when I picked up the kiddo rom preschool – where he was a total hit. The kids loved all over him and he was a perfect gentleman. We’re going to have a blast together.

It may seem like we jumped into getting another dog faster than we should have but we all felt ready and having Cash here just feels so right. These are happy days and I’m excited for what the future holds. This guy has adventure written all over him!

He was obviously thrilled about his spa day. ;)

Waiting for his human to be done with school.

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  • Reply Lily April 6, 2016 at 10:23 am

    What a great doggie!

    • Reply jendz April 6, 2016 at 7:14 pm

      Thanks Lily! We are pretty smitten with him. 🙂

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